the TERRA within

Curated by Warwick Keen

Teena McCarthy, 'Sorrow' (detail) 2018, inkjet on silk cloth, 146 x 90cm, Courtesy of the Artist

photo_camera Teena McCarthy, 'Sorrow' (detail) 2018, inkjet on silk cloth, 146 x 90cm, Courtesy of the Artist

10 October – 5 December

the TERRA within is a major exhibition exploring the themes impact and survival in relation to the 250th Anniversary of Cook's voyage to the east coast of Australia, featuring powerful artworks by more than 30 Indigenous artists.It addresses the impacts of the past 250 years of colonisation and celebrates the survival of the oldest living culture in the world. Drawing from artists across Australia, with a particular focus on South Coast voices, this exhibition brings together traditional and contemporary art, exploring the multitude of experiences and perspectives of this significant anniversary. It acknowledges the trauma, brings new and different voices to light and provides a place to celebrate the continuation of culture, knowledge and connection to country.With exciting new commissions, contemporary works from artist's own collections and loaned works from Wollongong Art Gallery, Campbelltown Arts Centre and the University of Wollongong Art Collection, this show incites a conversation that traverses many issues and decades. Featured Artists: Karla Dickens Teena McCarthy Gordon Syron Fiona Foley Amala Groom Jason Wing Vernon Ah Kee Blak Douglas Mervyn Bishop Emily Kame Kngwarreye Lorraine Brown Narelle Thomas Johnny Bulun Bulun Vic Chapman Cheryl Davison Mabel Dungay Julie Freeman Yvonne Koolmatrie Alice McKenzie Caroline Oakley Steven Russell Phyllis Stewart Esme Timbery Rose Timbery Paddy Fordham Wainburranga Harry J Wedge Warwick Keen Ellen Trevorrow Margaret Yam Narputta Nangala Sally Morgan Wenten Rubuntja Enos Namatjira Kirli Saunders Peter Hewitt Jaz Corr Noel Wellington David Nolan Gordon Hookey Roy Kennedy Kevin Gilbert Michael Cook Marie McMahon Christian Thompson